My life has been a journey of exploring color through various mediums and materials. Whether through painting or quilting or my home and garden, as I've grown as a person and evolved as an artist I've discovered that connecting with the actual process of creating is where I find my joy. Color is so incredible to explore and it is thrilling, yet humbling, to try to recreate the beautiful colors God has gifted us with on this earth. To Him be all glory!


When I choose to focus on and enjoy the actual experience of painting, instead of the final outcome of a project, I am at peace. It's there that my true heart is revealed. 


I am blessed to live in the colorful and vast state of New Mexico. When I am experiencing the joy of recreating the beauty around me, whether captured plein air or in my sunny studio, I feel a tremendous emotional connection to these beautiful surroundings. 


Painting always takes me on a wonderful journey, one where I'm hopeful you will feel joy as well!  

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